"The Abservisor platform is a leading platform in the field of virtual training camps. It stands out for offering multi-disciplinary and long-term training programs, enabling direct and continuous interaction between trainees and trainers. The platform provides a unique educational experience that exceeds the traditional boundaries of training, enhancing deep learning and practical application of knowledge.




Abserfaizer aims to be the first destination for specialized virtual education, providing an interactive educational environment that contributes to building future skills and developing the personal and professional capabilities of trainees.




The platform strives to offer high-quality training camps across various fields, focusing on continuous and direct interaction with trainers. We are committed to providing an interactive educational experience that enhances practical and theoretical skills of trainees.




To offer diverse training programs that meet the needs of the job market.

To enhance direct communication between trainees and trainers.

To provide interactive educational materials and practical activities.

To motivate trainees through educational games and interactive exercises.

To grant certificates accredited by prestigious academic institutions.




Excellence: Striving to provide the best possible educational experience.

Interaction: Enhancing continuous and direct communication between trainees and trainers.

Innovation: Introducing innovative and effective educational methods.

Inclusiveness: Offering training programs that suit various needs and levels.

Commitment: Ensuring the highest standards of quality and accreditation.

Business Model:



Subscription Fees: Implementing nominal fees for subscribing to training camps.

Continuous Interaction: Encouraging ongoing follow-up and active participation by trainees.

Innovative Educational Materials: Providing a variety of interactive exercises and educational activities.

Motivation: Using educational games to increase interaction and learning.

Accredited Certificates: Awarding educational certificates accredited by leading academic institutions."